Pathmaker in the Bronx

This October, Make Trybe will be heading to NYC for a new collaboration with the Staten Island-based artist Tattfoo Tan! We will be starting a new pilot project tailor-made for the Clairemont Neighborhood Center in the Bronx. 

Tattfoo has been on a nearly decade-long undertaking exploring design and visual art through sustainability, resiliency, and earth based skill sets with projects like the SOS Mobile Classroom and the New Earth Resiliency Training Module in which he meticulously researched and then mastered a vast and diverse group of traditional and modern practices to better connect artist, and therefore man (or woman) with the animate landscape on which we all depend. 

Taking this basic framework of hard skills, and weaving them into the Center's foundational principle of Transformative Design that underpins our Pathmaker program, we have created an experimental curriculum that will underly a foundation of cultural and identity work, mindfulness, rites of passage, and new ritual. Our aim is to both aid the Bronx-based youth in taking back their stories and therefore power through an unfolding  and collaboratively created 10 day experience.

Stay tuned for more info!