WHY MAKE try+be?

The Make Trybe Center is founded on the study and practice of Transformative Design as it relates to developing a sense of deep community, or of tribe. Try+be here, as the aggregate of trying and being, and in so, becoming, through passion, mindful action, and gratitude.

Design, by definition, is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or system. In response, the journey that guides the center is holding a deep and authentic conversation about what tacit cultural practices have both generated and been beholden to. Most importantly to view identity and development from the lens of systemic integration, as a whole process for whole people.  

We call this Whole Person Development, and we define it as the intentional and engaged practice of growth through inquiry based reflection, personal/cultural inventory, story, dialog, right action, and forging solutions through facing and embracing conflict. We achieve this by paying tribute to and implementing wisdom and practices from a great many lineages across paradigms, cultures, and generations, while acknowledging and respecting their respective sources.

The center puts an emphasis on using rites of passage to transition individuals into an initiated and flourishing personhood, not simply as individuals, but as integral parts of their communities, thus making trybe.