we all need to be 

seeN, heard, & CULTIVATED


To be a cultivated adult is to acknowledge that work which is yours to do, and to exchange that work with those that comprise the communities you're in. 

Many indigenous cultures believed that the act of giving was animistic, or alive. They described it as always in motion, much like the ripples caused when a stone was thrown onto the surface of a pond. When we do good work, when we can offer that work in service to something outside ourselves, those ripples are suddenly revealed, a small action can be seen as the seed of an entire harvest. In turn we engage with a feeling of competence and efficacy forged through a personal acknowledgement of our ability and tempered by the same in and with others.

To be cultivated is to meet and exceed our potential by achieving small manageable tasks & goals, those that then feed and grow into larger ones. To then seek out relationships based on the equivalent exchange of value for value. It is to seek balance between our zones of comfort and growth so we can work fully and clearly towards personal and community actualization. 

What is Cultivation Counseling? 

What are they? | A weekly processing session held in and out of the office accomplishing embodied and creative tasks that can help evoke, enforce, and mirror the internal work you are seeking to achieve. In short, we believe emotional work should be as practical as it is abstract.

What are they based on? | Our sessions are rooted in the idea of sustainable life skills as they grow out of Whole Person Development. Our therapeutic model draws on Jungian and Eco-psychology, Erickson's stages of psycho-social development, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the mind-body connection, and the innovative work being done within the realms of somatic [body-movement work] and horticultural therapy [using the land as a therapeutic tool]. Out of these reference points, we first achieve a baseline and then begin cultivating it into a flourishing life.  

For Whom, About What?

We offer sessions for teens, young adults, and adults. Some topics we address include:

Anxiety |  Depression | Grief Work | Feeling Stuck/Failure to Launch | Life Transitions | Trauma | Substance Abuse | Healthy Sexuality | LGBTQ Support

Digital Health |  Decision Making | Conflict Resolution | Stress Management | Reconciliation | Healthy Relationships | Emotional Literacy | Connection to Nature

How long do they last? | 60-90 minutes weekly or bi-monthly [length and frequency to be set after our introductory session]

How much? | Sessions range on a sliding scale from $30 to $100. We are dedicated to working with what you can afford.

How can I pay? | We accept cash, check, all major credit cards as well as invoice via Paypal

*Digital or Phone Based Sessions are Available | Contact us HERE for details

*All sessions are held by M Dane Zahorsky unless otherwise specified. He has been working with the fields of mental and emotional health for over a decade. LEARN MORE HERE


Specialized Sessions:

Sexual/Intimacy Education & Health w/Erika Carter | We work with you to establish norms in your sexual and emotional framework

Identity Arts  | We work with you to through various artistic media including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and collage to explore who you are

Village Making  | We work with you to develop yourself in tandem with your community

Pathmaking | We work with you to find the path you're on and then make it your own through identity work, rites of passage, and ceremony

Digital Detox  | We work with you to establish healthy relationships with your digital and social media environments

Rewilding | We work with you on re-developing a deep and spiritual relationship with the animate landscape

The Sacred Masculine | We work with you on living into your masculinity responsibly and powerfully

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